Month: January, 2012

this guy is for real

by grammorhumar

read the article:


The Killing of Satan

by grammorhumar

nobody is allowed to watch this whole movie until I am in Austin again and we can watch it at the same time

Don Cheadle on a Bed of Rice

by louplinz


by batmansion

Get in shape with David Carradine

by batmansion

So funny! So so funny!

by bradq1015

Stephen reports on an old fashioned hero

The Bigger Love of the Family

by louplinz

Step into my wagon, children

by bunchamunchabruncha

So someone’s being a toad and not letting me embed this, but it’s worth your time.


Holy Shit!!!

by thebillcollektah


an oldie but a goodie

by grammorhumar