Month: July, 2013

h/t to Tim for this gem

by bradq1015


Insane Clown Posse Theater

by batmansion

Everyone’s favorite rapping clown duo presents commentary on the latest music videos! Premieres tomorrow night at 10 on the Fuse network.

Click here to watch the trailer.

DIY Pin Up Doodles

by bunchamunchabruncha

I can’t post an image, still, I’m assuming, but follow this link. Do it.

Caramel swirl, I know it was you

by bunchamunchabruncha

FYI the current urine tank level in the International Space Station is 39.00%

by batmansion

Proof. I guess if you watch this long enough you can know exactly when astronauts go to the bathroom.

Happy Independence Day, jump over walls and buildings

by batmansion

Hey everybody, it’s me, again.

by thebillcollektah

I fucking missed all of you fucking fuck faces so fucking much you guys