Month: April, 2012

“How boresome!”

by grammorhumar

watch at least until 3:22, AT LEAST



I can’t wait to see this

by bunchamunchabruncha


Told me get myself together / now I got myself together, yeah

by batmansion


by bunchamunchabruncha

I bet they are… Yes they will

by thebillcollektah

sry 4 no thumbnail the video title would give it away

WHY WAS I PROGRAMMED TO FEEL PAIN (so you could repent, duh)

by grammorhumar

this clockwork monk was made in 1562, when the son of King Philip II of Spain fell down a flight of stairs and he bargained with God that he would trade a miracle for a miracle. So when his son got better, he hired a mechanist to create this freaky monk for him. It’s still completely functional. 


you thought you were safe

by grammorhumar

The diving bell spider is the only member of its group to spend its entire life underwater. But it still needs to breathe air, and it does so by building its own diving bell. First, it spins a dome-shaped web between underwater plants. Next, it rises to the surface and traps bubbles using the fine hairs on its legs and belly. It carries them down to its web and releases them, gradually filling the dome with air. After a few trips, the spider has amassed a bubble so large that it can fit inside.

The rope folly I have erected

by thebillcollektah

by grammorhumar

Henri ennui

by bradq1015