I served the abacus

by grammorhumar

There was once upon a time in a not too distant unfortunately Kingdom.Since decided a king, eating thanks to a certain affinity for sandwiches and drink Prossetschio short “sandwiches”, and making it easy for subjects for law and order. For he had a feeling that before the moat chaos reigned. With the coronation in 2009 were in the treasury 570,000 dollars Lousy, a legacy of the former king and his servant, who had made off with the valleys. Sandwiches, freshly elected, eating his namesake and stood on stupid: “Oops, because they lack money! The sure nobody notices! But do not worry, dear subjects! I served the abacus. That’s easy, “he smacked his lips happily and flushed the last vestiges of his Gewürzgürkchen between his teeth down with a glass Prossetschio. “Anyone who has embezzled 570,000 dollars, paying just 60,000 dollars. This is the sum that should repay the ex-king and his maid, “he decided, for sandwiches allowed namely determine the subrogation for fellow party itself. Because of crow and peck out eyes and all.