Month: July, 2012

If you’re in town

by thebillcollektah

…come to this and I’ll pour wine down your gullet all night long. On July 16th we will tentatively be playing the laugh-a-minute Kubrick classic “the Shining”. Come watch a spooky movie in what used to be the old Austin city morgue. Pending an experiment with an abrasive that will strip the coating from a normal steel ax head, there may also be a chance to win a door prize of an ax with jack torrence’s face laser etched on the side. This aforementioned chance is nearly 100% for all bunchamunchabruncha contributors, as I will gladly rig that ho to keep this treasure firmly in the family. If you are available for an evening of helping me put sweet, sweet meat in the seats, wine, maybe an ax, Wendy crying, Danny being weird, and Scatman motherfucking Crothers, I solemnly swear to you a hyperbolic, Sarah Palinic blood oath I will do everything in my power to provide a time. And that time shall be most good.

XOXO ciao for now darlings…


by batmansion

What books are people all over the world buying, and when?

by batmansion

Finally, an answer to this question